Report of PS Mbve Library

Report of PS Mbve Library

On the 18th of January 2016 a team from Muutos visited PS/PNS Mbveh to talk about the importance of quality education which is goal number 4 of the SDGs to the Head teacher and how it was important that at local levels steps should be taken towards the attainment of that goal. The main reason of the teams’ visit was to encourage schools to set up libraries that will be containing a variety of books to benefit over 250 pupils for that year and expecting to benefit over 1000 pupils in 4years.

On the 24th of January 2016 the team returned back to PS/PNS Mbveh to implement the “encouraging schools to setup libraries” project.

The team arrived PS/PNS Mbveh at 9:30, were welcomed by the head teacher in his office where there had a small discussion with him about how Muutos own contribution to setting up of their libraries, the benefit of the library to the teachers and children, how the school can maintain the libraries and how they can encourage the children to sign books and read.

At 10:00am, the team the children were all assembled on their assembly ground and the teacher introduced the team from Muutos which later addressed the children on their visit to their school.

The team made it clear to the children that what makes people successful in life is the information they get most of it is gotten from the books they read. The team also encouraged the kids to use the books and that they should always ask their teacher questions from what they read ask for help in difficult words and meanings.

The kids were very eager at this point to see the books and to satisfy then and boast their anxiety to read the books the team told the them that they were going to share the books to them so they can see for themselves how nice the books were after which they were shred the books to later collect and the kids were very excited to see the book. After this exercise the team visited the Nursery section of the school, hand almost the same chat with the teachers and shared the books to the kids which made them so happy that they never wanted to give back the books as the images and stories in the books interest them.

After this exercise the team had some pictures with them and left.

Pictures of the event

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