Parenting Workshop in Kwanso

Parenting Workshop in Kwanso

Parenting Workshop in Kwanso in Organised by Muutos For Kids and CAMICS

On October 19 2017, Muutos For Kids in partnership with CAMICS micro finance organised a parenting workshop to teach parent beneficiaries of CAMICS’ loan program how to use the proceeds they get from the loans to build better families are be better parents to their kids by doing right/better investments in their children. This project had as target 50 parents which we succeeded in registering 50 parents for the program. During this workshop, the participants were taught how to properly manage the loan they take and not using the proceeds of the investment to maltreat others because they now have money more than them as many people in the locality does.

They were taught parenting styles, how no successfully improve on their parenting skills, how to support the education of their children, collaborative parenting which helps in handling challenging behaviours in children and how both parents can balance their parenting so as to grow their children well and build better families.

Pictures of the event

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