IPS IPNS Mbveh report

IPS IPNS Mbveh report

On the 4th of March 2016 Muutos For kids paid a visit to IPS/IPNS Mbveh which was aimed at encouraging schools to set up libraries and taking to teachers about the importance and need to treat children with love. The team from Muutos lead by Wirsiy John bongkiyii had a session with the head teacher of the school for over 30 minutes on treating children with care the center of this session was the fact that children turn to understand more when they are taught by the ones they love more that those they are scared of or those they detested. The head teacher confirmed this was true as he gave testimonies of some teachers whose classes were always very funky and the pupils retain a lot from their classes and had good grades in their tests.

At the end of the session the head teacher said he was going to pass the message to all the teachers and make sure that they implement it for better child development and performance of the school and to pass the message further to the parents as they come for their parent teacher association meetings.

After the treating children with love session was a brief talk on the importance of reading and seting up school libraries which ended up by the team together with the head teacher and other teachers moved to the Nursery and primary section of the school to share the books to the kids so as to arose the desire to read in them as the nice pictures in the books will first attract them. After the sharing of the books the team had some pictures with the student and teachers holding their books.

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