Agbor Franklen Ayuk | Best, Youngest Cameroonian Computer Programmer

Agbor Frankklen Ayuk Makes Computer Programming In Cameroon Easier.

Self Thought Programmer Changing Cameroon

Agbor Franklen Ayuk born and raised in kumba, South West of Cameroon is an inspiration to the new edge technology in the nation of Cameroon. He is the Founder/CEO of ASE Technologies, a fast emerging IT startup which seeks to provide competent solutions to today’s challenges using technoloy, he is also the Co-founder/CTO of Kamexx, a game changing Buea based Video Production and Online Marketing Company, CTO of two other major organization CELBM Africa and Ayuk’s Royal Cave.

He is the brain behind most of the Cameroonian news making platforms, featuring on many talk shows, local magazines and internet blogs and articles. Agbor Franklen Ayuk commonly known by close friends as AFA mobilizes and educate young entrepreneurs on issue rated to startup business scaling, programming and marketing, focused on alleviating poverty and sky-rocketing the nations economy to greater heights.

A Programmer, Marketer and Graphics Experts

Agbor Franklen Ayuk is not only a self thought computer programmer, he is a genius in Graphic designing, a disruptor and rockstar in business, haven design simple strategic processes to disrupt competition, improving sales and income to renown companies, organizations, institutions and brands both locally and globally. He is a confident and competent entrepreneur with difference.

Why he is the Best

Agbor Franklen Ayuk is incredibly creative with coding, colors and designing. He focuses on professionality rather than the profit. He targets to provide clients with a closer business relationship and the atmosphere for exchange of idea. His key focus is on Client Satisfaction, which is great for business.