Education Program

About Muutos Education Program

This program is aim to facilitate childrens’ self-knowledge and emotional acceptance. They also aim to promote personal growth and optimal development of each child’s potential, the ultimate aim of education being to produce contented, productive
and resourceful citizens This program is meanly for children whose parents do not have the money to enroll them in schools where quality education can be accessed and to those that want to be educated but do not have the means. This program is in line with the SDGS goal 4 which is aimed at advancing quality of education.

  • Teach them how to read well in English
  • Introduce them to mathematics
  • Child abuse and the rights of children
  • Craft ideas and plastic reuse.

Our Objectives and Expectations for this Program

We intend that this program will go to the level where by we will do the following
• Have celebrities visit the children and share their success stories with them
• Have successful and great men in all field of life visit and be role models and mentors to the children
• Introduce them to entrepreneurship, business, leadership and computer studies such as computer basics, programming, web design, graphic designs, networking, repairs etc
• Take them to visit touristic site like lakes, mountains, plantations etc
• Be a transformation center where children are transformed and where great youths both boys and girls are made.

Taking an Action

we are open to accept and idea that can make this program a success and we also accept volunteers and supporters that can see to it that this program reach its expected end.