GS Ngehndzen

In December 14th 2015 Muutos For kids partnered with Word Alive Ministry International to donated exercise books, pencils, calculators and pens to teachers, children who have been in school but have no books and pencils.

The team arrived GS Ngehndzen at 9;30am and were received in the office of the head teacher where the team explained their reason for visiting the school. The team was made up of the senior pastor of Word Alive Ministry International  Apostle Wirsiy Keith Lishishar, Assistant pastor Wirnkar Evans, Pastor Timothy and Wirsiy John Bongkiyii CEO of Muutos For Kids.

The explanation of the visit was done by the senior pastor of word alive ministry international after which the head teacher of GS Ngehndzen appreciated them for coming and explained how happy he was to have them visit for a very important cause as this. The head teacher then called the teachers of all the classes to provide him with a list of children that had no exercise books, pens, pencils and those who were performing well so that they can be gathered for the team to encourage them and share the things they brought to them.

The teachers did as demanded by the head teacher; gathered the pupils and the team encouraged them and shared the school needs they brought for them according to their needs.

After this above session, the CEO of Muutos For Kids addressed all the pupils of GS Ngehndzen in a speech filled with inspiration and encouragement for the pupils to study hard, share with others, be of good obedience and respect for their parents.